South Africa has lagged behind Europe and the USA when it comes to energy conservation. This has been because the South African homeowner has enjoyed low electricity and water costs for decades. Unfortunately those days are over.

With electricity and water costs rising, and the absolute certainty that they will continue to rise well into the future, one of the most important considerations when buying a retirement home has to be energy/water conservation and cost-saving.

At Amble Ridge, we’ve researched and evaluated every possible way we can build our homes to incorporate the most up to date thinking and technology to maximize energy cost-saving for our homeowners.

As a result, we have incorporated the following key features into each and every home:


• A heat exchange pump system to generate all of its hot water requirements, resulting in a saving of 50% - 60% of normal electricity charges..


• Roofs are insulated with “Spunsulation” as well as 100 mm thick “Isotherm” insulating material which adds to indoor comfort and reduced energy consumption, because there is less need for cooling or heating devices.