Everything you need to know

1• Are there any additional costs over and above the purchase price?
No. There are no transfer duties and the purchase price includes VAT. Attorney’s fees and conveyancing fees are however payable. The purchaser will be liable for the costs of water, electricity, rates and taxes and maintenance of his/her own home.
2• What will the levy be?
The levies are calculated by the Home Owners Association (HOA) and are ratified by you, the home owner at the HOA AGM. They are based on actual costs for services provided and are also governed by the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act 9 of 2011 (CSOSA). Current levies are R2003 for freehold houses and R1702 for the Sectional Title Levies.
3• How is the monthly levy utilised?
The monthly levy will be used for: • rates and taxes • insurance on the commercial properties • the maintenance of roads, water system, sewer, electrical installation(s) telecommunications and intercom • maintenance of sports facilities – tennis court and indoor pool. The levy also covers: refuse removal • maintenance of the Clubhouse, outbuildings and security buildings • public spaces • security • management • matron services • audit fees.
4Can I make any changes to the standard plans when purchasing a house?
Yes, but only minor changes to the interior, though we have a large number of options that can be selected and added to suite your particular needs and to personalise your home.
5• If I do not use the sporting facilities do I have to pay towards them in the levy?
Yes, the levy is fixed per homeowner.
6• In the future, may changes be made to the house?
Yes, both internally and externally with the prior approval of the HOA (Homeowners Association)
7• Are pets allowed?
Yes, two small breed pets will be permitted per household.
8• If you sell your house do you have to pay a "plough back" towards the levy stabilisation fund?
Plough Back is applicable and is currently 10% of the net profit made on the sale of the house.
9• What if I have to sell my house first before buying at Amble Ridge?
Conditional offers to purchase will not be accepted remembering that a bond on your existing home may be used to cover the purchase price of a residence at Amble Ridge.
10• Do I have to take out building insurance?
Yes if you buy a Freehold house. Sectional Title buildings are insured by the Body Corporate.
11• Will I be responsible for maintenance of the building?
Yes, on your Freehold residence purchased. Again, the cost of painting and maintenance of the outside of Sectional Title buildings is borne by the Body Corporate.
12• Is my deposit refundable if I cannot proceed with the purchase?
This depends on the circumstances of the cancellation.
13• Can we rent out our house and if so are the tenants able to use the medical and sporting facilities?
Yes. The lessee(s) must be older than 50 years of age and may use the sporting and medical facilities. Priority on the purchase of Life Right Units in the Assisted Living facility are given to owners before tenants.
14• Are we allowed to employ our own staff?
15• Where do I get my post?
Post is delivered to the individual houses. Post Boxes for the Assisted Living and Life Right Suites will be situated near the entrance to the Nurse’s Station.